Happy Feet Foot Spa

New Happy Feet Collection.  This beautiful foot bath collection allows you to buy just what you want — as few as one item or all of them. Choose from 4.5 oz. foot lotion, 4.5 oz. foot splash, 4.5 oz. bubbly foot wash, handmade envelope with two foot tub teas, 3.75 oz. pure vegetable bar soap and 10 oz. mineral foot bath salts. These natural products are scented only with natural essential oils of peppermint, white pine and soothing tea tree. They are paraben-free and completely handmade in the USA!

Happy Feet Foot Soak and Foot Lotion.
A new look for our popular Happy Feet Collection. Shown here are the Foot Soak and Foot Lotion. Also available are the tub teas, splash, foot wash and foot soap.